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get to know me in a few posts ^


what am i doing?

the real question: why do you want to know?


i'm happy your here.

here's a lil taste of the stuff i'm working on/doing right now 

as always, email or message me for more details :)

mood rn.


Seventh Plague of Egypt by John Martin


my main focus right now is copywriting.

writing is foundational.

want to think better?


want to talk confidently?


want to be more empathetic?


want to attract people and find a lifeong partner?

maybe don't write :/



i read a lot. 

and also a lot of different books.

right now i'm reading:

Insanely Simply by Ken Segall

The Gardener and the Carpenter by Alison Gopnik

Wool by Hugh Howey

Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

what are you reading? 

send book recs to my email please!

dark academia reading.jpeg

cigs are gross. this pic is cool tho

recent obsession


wine is incredible. it's so effing interesting.

the grape varietal, the soil type, the altitude, the harvesting time, the aging vessel, the region, etc ALL of it and so much more affect wine.

i want to understand more about New World wines like Argentinian Malbecs and Australian Syrahs. 

why do I love wine?


the human connection.


another obsession

startups + venture capital.

i've always loved being the arbiter of my fate. im a staunch free-will believer. f**k determinism. 

and if you're a determinist, then fine, i'm just determined to believe i'm free. 

anyways, startups are exciting, make an impact, and most importantly, you're in control. 

if there's someone to blame, it's you. move fast. have fun. break sh*t. and make an impact on this world.

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