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a sappy love letter to myself

I remember being 15, obese, and exhausted of being a “victim” of life, eating a breakfast of air and green tea.

I dreamt of the day I could dive into a huge English breakfast of eggs and sausage and cheese and toast one day.

My mom and I used to joke, “If you’re a rower, you could eat anything and not put on any weight”.

That was my dream.

Here I am,5 years later, eating this at 830 in the morning, after my workout, meditation, yoga, and round of cold emails, all finished before most people have gotten their first cup of coffee in.

Now I look in the mirror and smile.

I can look back at pictures of me with single-digit body fat when I competed in a bodybuilding show in July 2023.

I can take off my shirt without my stomach twisting and turning and contorting in all different shapes.

It feels good to feel good.

But the only reason I feel good is because I remember what feeling bad was like.

I remember what it was like being 15 years old.

I remember where I came from.

We often forget that the life we’re living right now is what our younger selves dreamed of.

So it’s essential to take a step back and remind ourselves.

These are the golden years.

These are the days we looked forward to.

These are the days we must cherish.

If we never look back and appreciate how far we’ve come, why does it matter how far we’re going?

Savor the journey.

Pat yourself on the back.

Take a moment to appreciate your growth.

It’s what makes life worth living.

Thank you for being you.

(breakfast from 2-12-24, 8:32am. i love me.)

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