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the one thing i REFUSE to apologize for.

there’s a lot of things i won’t do.

like being pegged or listening to country music.

but one thing i refuse, and i mean ABSOLUTELY REFUSE, is to apologize for being myself.

i refuse.

i completely fucking refuse to apologize for being radically authentic.

no, i will not apologize for looking like a complete buffoon as i dance down Huntington Street at 9 am, weaving between hurried students and cutting off traffic as I belt Marvin Gaye at the top of my lungs.

no, i will not apologize for yelling “YOO WASSSUPPP” every time i enter a room with more than 3.5 people.

and i refuse,


to even bear a semblance of sorry-ness for me performing absolutely god-awful stand-up jokes after my friends and I engage in a little bit of 🍃😶‍🌫️ on friday nights.

i refuse to be sorry for all that.

because that MAKES ME MEEEEE

i never understood why others feel “embarrased” for me.

i don’t remember pleading you to feel embarrassed and sorry for my idiocy?!


i’m sorry, but if you feel awkward and embarrassed when i strike up conversation with our waiter as we’re on our first date and the waiter and i end up down a deep rabbit hole about Pokemon, Game of Thrones, and Jimi Hendrix because I complimented his tattoo of the House Targaryean logo and he said he liked my Pikachu earring and then we ended up talking about all the guitars and the best rock musicians an-

ok that’s enough.



i never went on a date with a girl named samantha. but you know who you are.

you know who you are “samantha-but-not-really-samantha”

ok thanks. i needed to get that off my chest.

but yeah. i’m not embarrased for all my weirdness and oddities.

what’s the point of that? what’s the point of stuffing down your true self.

it’s sorta like when you’re in college. the trash is full. no one wants to take it out. so everyone just keeps pushing it down, praying that fucking Santa Claus takes it out PLEASE OH GOD someone please take out the trash it smells SO BAD FUCK WHY ARE THERE MAGGOTS OH GOD WHAT THE FUC-


i don’t get it.

silencing your true self is like that garbage thing. sure, push it down. keep hoping for the best.

but at the end of the day, it’s still full of trash.

so yeah.

that’s that.

Be your Fucking Self.

Life’s more fun that way.

And don’t you EVER mutter an apology for being you.

thank you.

*mic drop*

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