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Your Greatest Strength is Your Greatest Weakness.

Your greatest strength is your greatest weakness. The thing that brings you incredible success is often the same thing that leads to your tragic downfall. Don’t believe me? Achilles. In Homer’s Iliad, Achilles was one of the greatest warriors in the Trojan War.

He was brave, unyielding, and invincible. He rushed into battle headfirst, tearing down soldier after soldier, hacking away at enemies, and destroying all who opposed him.

Until one day, a lone arrow lodged himself in his heel, bringing him down, and leading to his death.

And thus, the Achilles heel was born.

Not a big fan of mythology?

Take a look at Steve Jobs. Jobs was obsessed with quality. Above all, he wanted utter perfection in his products.

Jobs was so committed that during iPhone testing he saw the plastic screen was scratched. He kept his phone in the same pocket as his car keys. The iPhone was set to launch very soon, but Jobs being Jobs, called up his manufacturer in China, and told them they had to remake the phones with glass screens instead. And here we are today, 16 years later, holding one of the greatest technological innovations ever created.

Jobs' obsession led him to create the first 3 trillion dollar company. It also led to his awful family life and incredibly harsh managerial style. Sure, he built great products, but he was kinda an asshole doing so.

For me personally, my greatest strength is my independence. It’s also my weakness. I’m slow to really let new people into my life. And if someone wrongs me or I’m not interested, I’m really not that attached, and I leave.

I was seeing this girl for a few months. I ended things before they went further because I just wasn’t all that interested. And I didn’t really have much regret until a few months after. I’m incredibly independent - both to my benefit and detriment.

So a question I ask you, reader;

What is your greatest strength? And how is it your weakness?

Thank you.

Memento Mori.

Stay Curious. :)

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