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i write copy.

what is copywriting?

why hire a copywriter?

"Poor distribution - not product - is the number one cause of failure" - Gabriel Weinberg, founder of DuckDuckGo


what makes me special?

in simple terms,

copywriting is persuasive writing. 

writing to get the reader to act. 

to do something.

any sort of text you might see on a ecommerce website, sales pitch, out-of-home advertisement, facebook ad, etc that's goal is to make you do something is copy.

 what do i mean by "do"?

input email address, click an ad, or type in your credit card. anything action related is copy-related.

oh boy do i have an answer,

so copywriting is just writing? 


"i can write! i don't need a copywriter!" you're probably thinking

or worse, "chatGPT can write copy for me!"

sure, go ahead, do that. use chatGPT to write bland, tasteless copy that sounds like an

over-caffeinated 3rd grader wrote it.

or even better, use a boring frameworks that you found on HubSpot that every other website uses.

the copywriter's goal is to increase sales, improve brand awareness, and clarify the brand voice. all these things are essential to creating an effective marketing strategy. 

what separates me from other copywriters?

nothing much. except the fact that I know:



-jungian archetypes.

-how to conjure emotions.

-witty, comedic copy.

-won't use cringey words like "fire" and "bet" to speak to Gen Z.

-2+ years of social media content creation and personal branding

-6 months of work in an advertising agency roping in millions of dollars a year

-an actual person who cares about your business





  • 350x social media engagement for OnCampusAdvertising, an operations-focused-college-advertising agency.

  • 100k+ Twitter Impressions(Nov 2023)

  • Amassed over 6k followers on Instagram 

lets work together :)

thanks! keep your eyes peeled.



Bachelor of Science in Psychology

I'm currently enrolled at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. I've already complete 6 months working at an advertising agency, OnCampusAdvertising, that works with clients such as McDonald's, Adobe, DunkinDonuts, and more.

skills and such.

  • copywriting
  • video editing
  • storytelling
  • digital marketing
  • brand strategy
  • social media marketing 
  • social media content creation
  • graphic design(figma)
  • cooking(i make a really good thai curry)
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